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    Changing the Data set period on Tableau Forecast

    eitan kalantar


      I have a data set that is based on income and dates since 01/01/2016 on a daily basis.

      I'm trying to build a forecast (run rate) for the end of the month that will be based on it's days and not other months.

      For example:

      01/01/17 - $100K

      01/02/17 - $300K

      01/03/17 - $500K

      01/04/17 - $400K

      I want that the forecast formula will be: "sum of all income"/ "number of days passed in a month" * "total days a month".

      so in our case:

      $1300K/4*30 = $975K.


      My visualization is on a monthly basis, since 01/01/16 and it's grouped by months. When trying to do a forecast for the current month it's formula is based on the whole year and not only the days in the specific month.


      Please advise.