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    Tabjolt - Connect Error on PostgresDBHelper

    mark santino

      I recently installed and configured Tabjolt (Installer for Tableau Server V10.3 & 10.4) without much issue. I have a single Tabjolt load generator going against a single node Tableau server (V10.4). Each component resides on a separate server.  I noticed that when the installer conducted the silent install for the Postgres DB, it specified the port assignment as 48321. Once I set the port to 5432 (postgresql.conf) as indicated in the Tabjolt installation doc, I was able to successfully connect to the Postgres DB.


      Snapshot of postfresql.conf and netstat output:




      To test the configuration, I've tried executing several of the sample testplans (Tabjolt\testplans) but I continually generate a series of errors indicating a failure to connect to the Postgres DB, and nothing gets posted to the PerfResults DB . As I understand it, the PerformanceViz.twb workbook that gets packaged with Tabjolt will access the PerfResults DB as the data source. All my connections look good but I'm, coming up empty. Is there another port assignment that requires setting for the Postgres DB? The install was fairly straight forward. I didn't notice any additional requirements for the Postgres config.




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      Message was edited by: mark santino Problem resolved. As mentioned in my original post, during installation, Tabjolt assigns port 48123 to the Postgres DB. This post assignment is posted in two locations:  1) Tabjolt\config\PerftestConfig, and 2) Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.5\data\postfresql.conf. According to the Tabjolt install doc, the Postgres port should be 5432. Once i modified the port assignments in both locations to read as 5432, everything fell into place.