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    Multiple left join in Tableau using custom SQL

    Kishor S

      I am trying to do multiple left join using custom SQL in Tableau 10 version. I am getting 'missing operator expression' error.


      Please find below syntax which I am trying: 


      select a.*, b.[Seg1], c.[Seg2] from [Base$] a left join

      ( select [REF_NO], first([Category]) as Seg1 from [Base2$] group by [REF_NO] ) b

      on a.[Account Number] = b.[REF_NO]

      left join

      ( select [REF_NO], first([CRE]) as Seg2 from [Base3$] group by [REF_NO] ) c

      on a.[Account Number] = c.[REF_NO]



      I am not able to find out what is missing operator in above syntax.


      Can anyone please help me out ?