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    Key date parameter

    Michael Begg



      I have a bunch of dashboards that utilise a parameter [Set latest date] to generate MTD, YTD, prior YTD, prior year MTD, trailing 12 month average etc. E.g. The user can change [Set latest date] to Oct-17 rather than Nov-17 to see the dashboard as at the previous month rather than the latest month.


      My current process is when the new (monthly) data is in the .tde, I edit the parameter (Clear All > Add From Field [Month]) to bring in the latest date, however I would like to move away from this manual process. 


      I could manually add 3 months now, then I would only have to edit the parameter quarterly, however I like how in the current method, the most recent date always appears at the top of the list


      Any ideas are much appreciated?

      Tableau_latest date parameter.JPG