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    Happy Holidays and Upcoming Meeting

    Stephanie Diekmann

      Your SWITUG Leadership Team would like to wish everyone in SWITUG a very happy and joyous holiday season!


      While you are relaxing in your holiday zen, please take a few moments to think about presenting at our next meeting, which will be held mid to late February (details forthcoming),


      We are looking for two presenters - one user story and one technical presentation.  The length can be variable, but we generally ask for 10 to 20 minutes.  Everyone seemed to like the follow-along tech talk of the last meeting, so it would be wonderful if someone would be willing to expand or build upon that (either with the LST dataset or another dataset). 


      Send your presentation ideas to one of the SWITUG leaders, and we will discuss them at our planning meeting on Monday, January 8th.




      Stephanie Diekmann



      Carol Jackson



      Dinko Bacic



      Vivek Sheel