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    Cincinnati Opioid Datasets

    Michael Carrico

      Hello Cincy TUG,


      The data sources, Tableau workbooks, and Alteryx workflows discussed in our previous meeting can now be found on this Dropbox page along with the PowerPoint deck containing a description of each of the data sources.  Apologies for the brief delay following the meeting on getting this posted.


      We are still in the process of cleaning and posting data sources (including a few in the PPT) so follow this thread to receive updates on new or changed data.  Also, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns related to the data sources, or even better, if you have a viz to share, please post those in this thread.  Any data cleaning issues or requests will try to be answered and updated in a timely manner.


      For anyone not at the meeting, Cincy TUG members helped clean publicly available opioid datasets to engage the local data analysis and visualization community and find insights related to the epidemic in the Cincinnati tri-state area and state of Ohio. An overview of each data source can be found in the accompanying PowerPoint presentation's appendix, and more detailed documentation is in the respective directories where applicable.


      Each directory is structured as follows:

      - Data

          - Input: raw data pulled from websites

          - Cleaned: data in CSV and TDE forms that are more Tableau-friendly

      - Tableau: work-in-progress Tableau files from the Data After Dark event in TWBX format

      - Workflows: any Alteryx workflows used to clean raw data; these are packaged up with inputs for ease of use


      Looking forward to seeing what our Tableau community can contribute to the fight against the opioid epidemic.


      Mandatory Disclaimers: Neither Cincy TUG nor its members are responsible for the accuracy, quality, or further use of this data.  Please review the documentation accompanying each data source for description of proper use and check cleaned data for accuracy.  If you are an owner of any of these data sources and have any concerns, please send me a message or email.