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    Tableau -SharePoint Connection

    tamir kavon

      hi there

      I created a connection to my sharepoint 2010 lists

      tableau filters the data according to the list's default.

      the default is created because i want each of my employees to see only their documents.

      when i build a dashboard for my CEO i want him to see all data

      does anyone know a quick bypass?



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          Carisa Chang

          Hi Tamir,


          The SharePoint List connector connects to the default list view only. You could duplicate the List on SharePoint Server and set up an unfiltered default view to connect to in Tableau?

          Connecting to On Premise SharePoint Lists

          • Any list you connect to will be the existing default SharePoint view only.  You will not be able to get all of the underlying row data if the default SharePoint view is filtered.  Thus if your default SharePoint view of a list is filtered then only that filtered data is what you’ll receive in the extract.  If your goal is to access everything in a list then you will need to display all rowsin the SharePoint view.  The good news is that you donothave to show everycolumnin the SharePoint view as Tableau will retrieve all of them.