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    Aggregation Matrix

    Richard Rogers

      Hi folks,


      I've implemented the top portion of this viz:


      I'm struggling to implement the bottom section.

      This is what I've got so far:


      It looks good, I just don't know how to get the actual numbers in there!


      I've attached the Tableau Packaged Workbook.


      Any advice/pointers are most appreciated!


      Thank you,


      Richard Rogers

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          Shinichiro Murakami

          Hi Richard,


          I have no idea what/where/how you are doing on this data source.


          If you are asking ETL know-how, my answer is completely out of scope.

          Anyways, I tried to get your max, min, avg for respective measure from big data.


          Because all of your expected measure is aggregation of aggregation, then all the fields needs to set as table calculation.


          Format matrix is completely different topic here.



          All these fields are needed to be re-biuld with window calculations  (4 x min,avg,max) = 12





          Then add 12 calc fields with moving "View by dimension" to detail.




          and change "ALL" the fields' table calc setting as blow.



          Still the data is duplicated, then need to limit the view with index filter.