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    Projections are not showing for months that there were no Sales

    Jamie Hubler

      Hello all,


      I am working on a new product to projections dashboard for the end of the year.  I have blended data from an excel document with the sales information that comes from our ERP via SQL Server.


      I have the dashboard set up so that the excel data is the primary data source.  Even with this, the summary page I have does not add in projections for the months that have no sales on that item.  For example a Widget could have 1000 in projected sales by month, however if there are no sales in February and May, then my total projections on the summary page are only showing a projected amount of $10000, completely ignoring the $2000 in projected sales for February and May.


      I thought that having the projected sales as the primary data source would pull in all projected sales, even when there aren't any actual sales. 


      Does anyone have any suggestions for me on how I can get Tableau to show this?


      Unfortunately, I cannot share the dashboard as there is some confidential information.  I understand that this helps sometimes, but I am willing to take any and all suggestions!


      Thank you!


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          Manuel Velasquez

          Hi Jaime


          Let me show one example of blending data, I'm using Sample-superstore data set just Oct-2017 and Nov-2017 transaction




          Projected Sales file contains information for each Sub-Category and Month ( Oct-2017, Nov-2017 and Dec-2017)




          The idea here is that you want to show projected sales amount even if you do not have actual sales, which is the case for Dec-2017


          Creating a simple view of projected sales per month




          In this case, the blended relationship should be at Month and Sub-Category level




          This is how it should look like





          Now we can add the actual sales to the view




          Notice that Dec-2017 does not have actuals, however, you are showing the projected sales amount


          Attached .twbx file for reference



          Let me know if this helps!


          Manuel Velasquez