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    How to reduce the cpu usage when use JavaScript API to integrate Tableau visualizations into own web applications?

    Xin XIn Lv

      Hey there,


      We use javascript api to integrate tableau visualizations into our own web applications. And we use loadrunner to test 20 concurrency to view the web page, found the cpu usage was almost 90%, we also tried to increase the cores from 16 to 32, the CPU usage was also 85%, and the transaction is increase from 6500 to 10000. The cpu usage seems logical, but not meet our requirement.


      The tableau dashboard has one map, 2 bar graphs, 2 pie charts, and one text table. The data source is from one table, only hundreds lines. We use Extract connection.


      Is there any way to reduce cpu usage? Whether the high cpu usage is normal?



      Any help is appreciated.


      Thanks a lot