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    Customer vs Region Rank

    Robin Fay

      Having a hard time figuring out how to show the top ten items by region vs top 10 items for a given customer (regardless or region)


      Ideally I would like to show something like this, where the user can select a region, and a customer to compare.


      any ideas?

      I was thinking an lod for the customer and region then use filters but I can't seem to figure that out.

      My other idea was to use a calculated field based on a parameter for the customer name and region.

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          Peter Fakan

          Hi Robin,


          Like this ?


          Step 1 - create a rank calculated field

          Step 2 - convert the rank calculation to discrete



          Step 3 - drop into viz and edit table calculations


          HTH 10.4 attached - I also sorted the customer name by sum to push the top clients to the top of the viz.



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            Robin Fay

            Hey Peter,


            thanks for the reply


            I really just need to show one customer vs an entire region or all regions


            this isn't a great example with this data, in my production data most customers buy 70+% of the total assortment.


            what I need to be able to do is select one customer and one region, where the customer might not be in the region we are comparing it to


            then just look at the top n items for each the selected region and the selected customer.


            hope that makes it a little more clear.

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              Peter Fakan

              Hi Robin,


              You should be able to achieve this by putting filters on your customers and regions, and then play around with the order of the pills by dragging them out of sequence.


              If you convert the rank calculations to Table (down) then they will be dependent on the pill to the immediate left of the rank pill.





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                Robin Fay

                that's where I went with the example you sent.


                let's say we want to compare Alex Russel's top selling items vs the South and West region

                this breaks the example since Alex doesn't sell in the South or West.


                ideally I could see what from those regions are selling best vs what Alex is selling best.