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    Optimization Question

    Scott Schmeling

      Good Morning,


          I have an optimization question.  I have a Dashboard where the users will be able to predict their Overall Score by changing a few KPIs.  This will give them an opportunity to figure out what it will take to jump to the next bonus level. 


      Every KPI uses (Actual/Target) as part of the formula. 


      Here is the question.  I see two ways to do this.


      1. Give each KPI it's own formula with (Actual/Target) as part of it.

      2. Create a Variable that calculates (Actual/Target) for all of them and use that variable in the KPI Formula.


      The parameters they will be changing are the Actual for each one, though they don't have to adjust it if they don't want to. 


      I'm wondering for performance if there will be a noticeable difference between the two.  Logic tells me that the second way should be slower as it is having to recalculate every KPI each time a single one is changed, but I want to be sure.


      This is in 10.1 as well it will be running on Mobile as well as Desktop.