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    Connecting from iOS App to Tableau Server through Reverse Proxy by-passing Reverse Proxy

    Ravi Kumbar

      Hi All,


      I have an iOS mobile app where I will be logging in by providing my user-id and password. Once I login to the mobile app I need to connect to the Tableau Server to embed the view from that server into my mobile app. The Tableau server is not Public neither Online, it is a hosted Tableau Server for our Organization.There is a Reverse Proxy to connect to Tableau Server. I am passing the Token along with my user id to access reverse proxy

      but Reverse Proxy is asking for Login credentials again. In my case I want to by-pass the authentication at Reverse Proxy.

      Reverse proxy should not ask me for the credentials, instead I want to consider the login which happened at the mobile app only and connect to Tableau Server through reverse proxy.


      Please suggest me how can I achieve this.  Please provide a sample code.


      NOTE:The app coding is done in Swift with XCODE.