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    Disable Download button for Tableau Server 10.3

    Nat Greenwald

      I want to grey out/hide the download drop down on a viz, or grey out/hide the data option on the drop down:

      Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 3.34.52 PM.jpg

      So remove this drop down or grey out Data like Tableau Workbook is. (I need the functionality associated with it, but need to disable the click option).


      Following the suggestion from the links below, I changed an element in vizportalclient/public/vizportal.css to try to hide the download icon:


      .tb-download-icon{visibility: hidden;}


      I also tried changing vizqlserver/public/<version>/css/vqlweb.css to hide the download div:

      .tab-nonVizItems  > div + div + div + div + div{visibility:hidden;}


      I also renamed vqlweb.css.gz and vizportal.css.gz so that hopefully the .gz files wouldn't be read.

      I restarted tableau server, however the changes didn’t work, and the download options were still there. (I made copies of the original files so we can revert to default configurations.)


      Is there a step I'm missing for why these changes weren't picked up, or is there another suggestion for how one can hide the download button?