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    Virtual Tableau User Group Meeting: Hyper Launch

    Brandon Ohlaug


      I apologize for not reaching out sooner as I have been travelling for work the last couple months.  I wanted to reach out if there is any interest in the Virtual Tableau User Group meeting for Hyper's Launch.  Tableau is hosting this on January 18th and will be an intro into Hyper, Tableau's faster data refreshes and query performance to Tableau extracts, plus increased scalability in a platform-wide update.  It would be a time for us to get together and watch the meeting, but could also do some networking and a maybe extend the meeting on our own and do a quick presentation or two.  Please like this or send me your response if you would think this would be a good idea to have our next meeting.  Otherwise, I will set up a separate EIA TUG a little later on and we can do something else.  Please let me know by 12/18.