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    Cut Off Running Sum Line after 'Today'

    Brent Banholzer

      Hello -


      I'm trying to create this burndown chart and I can't figure out, for the life of me, to get this 'actual' line to stop at today's date. I have the ability to manipulate the data in Access before Tableau if there is a solution that fits with data design.


      This data is random but similar to the data set I'm working with (just a lot less records). As a trial, I tried to assign the Actuals with a future date but that just made it a straight line to 0 in the future. I can manipulate that but still need all of them since this is a total(variable)-running_sum(variable). All the fields (dimensions) will be used as filters as well so the I can't use the 'Fixed' function.


      Any ideas? Much appreciated!