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    Filtering data visually in percentage without changing denominator in a stacked bar chart

    Derek Tsui

      So I have a Stacked bar chart with percentage of total quantity in selected date (percentage of > pane),

      When I change filter of 'date' or 'product', the data will change dynamically (the selected data in chart can be added up to total 100%)

      It works perfectly, except, I want 'vendor' to be filtered without changing the denominator.


      For example...

      - In the chart, the product 'Qpen' has '% of Quantity' 22.22% bestbuy, 4.76% compusa.

      - when i select bestbuy in the filter, i want the chart to show exact 22.22%, instead of re-rounded result (58.33%).


      Can anyone enlighten me on this?  Many thanks!


      Attached twbx for your reference.