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    "OR"ing two filters with multiselect

    Gary Bisaga

      I've searched the forums for this, and found some that were close, but not quite what I'm looking for. I want to have two filter-type selections shown - one multiselect and the other a boolean - and include rows when either of the two conditions are satisfied. Specifically, my data has a Geography Name column that has the names of Vermont Supervisory Unions (SUs), but sometimes the name is "Vermont", meaning the data is statewide. What I am supposed to be building is to have two filters, one a list of geography names from the column, but don't include Vermont; and the other a yes/no for whether to include the Vermont row or not.


      In the attached workbook, on the SU/Table sheet, you can see the "Set of Geographies without Vermont" filter and "Show Vermont (Statewide)" boolean parameter. I can figure out various things, such as how to "or" them together using a Parameter for the geographies (but then I can only select a single SU, whereas I need multiple). I also know how to create multiple sheets as in this answer, and I can use different filters on the two sheets, but the kicker is on the "with Vermont" sheet I do not want to show "Vermont" as one of the values in the filter.


      Am I trying to do something Tableau doesn't like? Is there some other way around this? Thank you!

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          Amit Narkar

          Hi Gary,


          I used calculated field instead of set. As long as your set excludes Vermont. You are not going to get Vermont record in sheet.


          So calculated field check if you have set parameter to show Vermont only then Vermont appears in sheet as well as quick filters. If you switch parameters you should not see Vermont in quick filters as well.


          This is not exact behavior but somewhat close. You are already aware of other opproach


          1. Sheet one with All non Vermont data

          2. Sheet two with just Vermont data.


          With a parameter selection you should be able to hide the 2nd sheet within a dashboard.using layout containers.