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    Can I create my own geocoding

    Andy Barton



      I'm running into a duplication issue when trying to add geocoding into my table. I have a list of company specific regions codes that I need to place on a map. I can do this via linking my data sheet that has the region codes to another spreadsheet that has a region code to postcode map. This build my regional map fine but when I try to do any data interpretation I find loads of duplication as 1 region code can have multiple postcodes.


      I want someway to have Tableau recognise my region codes in geocoding without the need to link my source data to another table.


      I can't get the insert table button to work so bare with me but this is my issue:


      Region 1 has 10 sales but as Region 1 doesn't have any geocoding in tableau I have to pull in the postcode from a seperate table, but as region 1 covers multiple postcodes I end up with multiple entries with duplicate the figures so in the example below I'd end up reporting 30 sales. I can get round this by showing an average but its not very clean.


      Region     Postcode     Sales

      1               AB10          10

      1               AB11          10

      1               AB12          10


      Ideally I'd like tableau to know the polygonal dimensions for region 1 in the geocoding, without me having to pull in the postocde.


      Is this possible? its also sensitive data so I would only want it stored locally.


      I've tried following the guide here: Custom Geocode Data


      But I need to extract the latitude and longitude data for the UK postcodes, which i'm trying to do from here with very limited success. Tableau seems to crash a lot when I'm using the data.


      How can I export geographic data?