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    Desktop vs Server Table Formatting Issues


      I am uploading crosstabs into Tableau server for monthly reports. Currently, due to the complexity of the data, I am using multiple tabs, combining them all into a dashboard, and then presenting it in a story. This was also the recommended way to present my data when I asked other Tableau experts.


      I have tried showing my Story in a fixed size and also Automatic, but whenever I publish it to Tableau, it seems like my table alignments are all thrown out the window. I have attached the very top row of my report and you can see how each different worksheet is not aligned anymore. Additionally, I am all of a sudden showing a bunch of #### in several cells due to a lack of space. Is there a fix to these two things where Tableau will keep my source formatting since it is a Story and expand to fit all the numbers in?


      For reference, I am in Tableau 10.2.1 and the server is on 10.2.2.


      Any response is greatly appreciated as this is relatively time sensitive. Thanks!