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    Migrating from Tablau Server 9.3 to10.4

    Poonam Pratik

      Hello Folks,


      I am completely new to Tableau Server.

      Recently I have upgraded our Tableau server 9.3 to 10.4.


      At new VM, I installed window server 2016 and installed 10.4 as I cant take risk on running system.

      Note: Tableau Server 9.3 was running at Window server 2008.


      After successful installation, I try to connect to my using my old method which raise an odd error.

      Gives me below error that


      Unable to validate because of Illegal character in query at index 78: https://vm-tab72/apps/server/auth/session?id=jslYgAKSTVSvZUSIMqto4w|7C3D4PCqRqz7ehKCUxHMUBgjODyQUQBJ for target: core vm-tabupgrade:services


      I suspect that encoding is wring....

      Am I missing something or encoded has been changed in 10.4??? any idea.


      Thanking you.