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    Displaying values in tirangle


      Hi All,

      I have a requirement from healthcare client where I have to show  running sum of COUNTD(Value) for Date of discharge and date of Value created on. This gives me a traingle.  Now, my client wants a variation in the report. COUNTD(Value) should be displayed for same Date of Discahrge date and Created Date.

      I created  a traingle with ship date and Order date using Super store data .In Attached Worksheet for the date 1/8/2009, we see that COUNTD(Order) is null for all the ship dates untill it reached 1/8/2009. But I want to start the value from Order date  1/8/2009 .

      i.e. for order date 1/8/2009 countd(Value) is 1 but this starts at ship date 1/8/2009. instead I want 1 to start from first ever value of the ship date  and then calculate the running sum .

      similarly for all the dates.

      I tried with this formula, lookup(countd(orderId)),first()). this doesn't work.

      Can any1 of you help me with this?