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    Connect Tableau to LLAP

    Scott Trudeau

      We are having trouble connecting Tableau to LLAP.  We can connect to Hive just fine, but when we switch the parameters to use LLAP instead of Hive, we get an error 34.


      Has anyone been able to connect Tableau to LLAP?  If so, what driver version were you using.  We are currently using Hortonworks Hadoop Driver 2.0.  I've read through this article, but it does not mention which version of the driver they used.  https://hortonworks.com/tutorial/interactive-sql-on-hadoop-with-hive-llap/ I'm at a financial company, so trying to get new software on our machines is really tough.  I want to make sure we do this right the first time.


      Tableau Desktop 10.1

      Hortonworks Hadoop Driver 2.0

      Hadoop Hive LLAP


      I've set up both 32 bit and 64 bit ODBC connections on my machine and have been able to successfully query LLAP via Teradata SQL Assistant.  So we know the connection settings are correct.


      Here are some screen shots from the Tableau connection screen:

      LLAP Settings.png

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          Hello Scott,


          Reviewing the instructions from Hortonworks that are linked above I notice that they are using Tableau Desktop 10.2. I am not seeing anything in the release notes to indicate that the two versions would handle the connection differently. But it might be worth attempting to mirror the instructions to eliminate any possibilities. If Tableau Desktop 10.2 returns a similar error we know that there is something else causing the error to be returned other than Tableau Desktop.


          I am also including several resources for the ODBC connection below. Sometimes for connections that are to slightly more customized data sources the ODBC connection can be useful.


          + Tableau and ODBC


          + Tableau and ODBC | Tableau Community


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick