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    Need advice on creating a total rank that can be used in a sort

    Melissa Corbin


      I have a couple issues I'm trying to resolve and have been unsuccessful in implementing the ideas I've already found on the forum.  I have created a small sample workbook with the data in the same format as the original. In each box, the top number is the value and the bottom number is the rank.

      First, I need to create an overall average rank across the metrics for each person. For example, William would have a rank of 11.3 (avg of 5, 12, 17). I run into issue with aggregating an already aggregated number; I've tried using a LOD calculation and ran into issues there.

      Second, once I have this overall rank, I need to display it in the same format at the other columns and add it into the existing sort calculation.

      I appreciate any help with resolving this request. Thank you!