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    Pop up on filters

    Rohit Kumar

      Hi Team,


      I have issue with filter search. I have couple of filters in my dashboard, some filters having numeric,alphabetic and alphanumeric filters. when user search in numeric filter with alphanumeric combination it should give pop up alert that "pls search numeric data Ex:  53421".

      Like I have couple of combination filter and that user don't know which filter is contain which data. So is there any conditions to restrict users based on filter selection. elaborated below with example and I'm using all filters with wildcard search bcoz it's sensitive data.


      Ex: Customer account num- alphanumeric data

            transaction Id- Numeric data

            loan account num- alpahnumeric...etc


      so here user doesn't know which filter contain which category data.Actually what happening is when user enter irrelevant search data in filter and taking time to get the results as per my data size, so If we give pre - validation would be better idea.