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    Tableau 10.4.1 NULLises all my date fields after extract refresh

    Margarita Papadopoulou

      Hi everyone!

      Since the update I have the following problem; I publish my dashboard to the server ( which was built with Tableau 10.3) and when it refreshes the extract after the schedule refresh it NULL ises all my date values. I have now downloaded the new Tableau version, I have saved my workbook with the new version, I republished it and it looked normal and after the refresh this morning I have the same problem.

      My initial date field yyyymmdd had the following format :  yyyy-mm-dd and I found that this might be the problem so I better convert it to a yyyy/mm/dd format. I guess I need to use a calculated filed for that, but how do I do it exactly? 

      Any ideas why this happened in the first place?

      Thanks in advance