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    Tableau backup error

    Sunil Tikar



      Case - I have daily backup setup for my tableau server environment ,its windows batch file. It's running fine from almost 2+ year.


      This morning it failed with below error message


      Backup error message.jpg


      I checked in log and found


      2017-11-28 08:43:48.328 -0500_INFO_:_:_pid=___user=__request=__ Backup of database data done

      2017-11-28 08:49:19.579 -0500_ERROR_:_:_pid=___user=__request=__ Failed to set reap_extracts prevention during backup: The driver encountered an unknown error:

      2017-11-28 08:56:27.345 -0500_DEBUG_:_:_pid=___user=__request=__ running command: 'F:/Tableau/TableauServer/10.2/pgsql/bin/pg_dumpall.exe -h wetb337a.prod.pncint.net -p 8060 -U tblwgadmin -g -f F:/Tableau/TableauServer/data/tabsvc/temp/tsbak2847A/backup.sql' from F:/Tableau/TableauServer/data/tabsvc/temp/tsbak2847A

      2017-11-28 08:56:27.486 -0500_INFO_:_:_pid=___user=__request=__ Backup of database data done

      2017-11-28 08:56:29.377 -0500_ERROR_10.10.52.192:wetb334a_:_pid=12220_0x5f69e2b__user=__request=__ Error: Backup failed!


      I tried manual backup command as well but ended up getting same error message. So I can conclude that its not related to batch file as manual tableau admin backup command also giving same error message.


      Any thoughts /advise ?



      Sunil Tikar

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          Jeff Strauss

          how large does your backup typically end up?  Also, what release are you on?  My going in hunch is that one of the tde files within the dataengine directory is somehow locked by another process and somehow cannot be incorporated into the backup.  Is it possible to do a tabadmin restart and then try it again?