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    "an error occurred while connecting to Tableau Data Extract"

    Joseph Kearns

      I'm getting this error and can't figure out how to fix it.  Can anyone help?


      ·  One or more connections in this data source need attention: Final In Scope Data: File: C:/Users/myname/Desktop/Full Dashboard.twb Files/Data/Desktop\Final In Scope Data.csv not found. Please edit the connection

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          Zahra Badaroudine

          You've got a back slash just before "Final In Scope Data.csv".


          Assuming that's not the issue:

          - Is the file still in the same place?

          - Is the file open in another program (such as Excel)?


          Also: best practice is to not use files that are on your Desktop. Use a network/cloud location (which won't disappear on you if your computer crashes definitely) or at least a folder similar to "My Tableau Repository", which is in "My Documents". You can always make a backup of "My Documents", but remembering to backup folders and files that are in different places on your computer is asking for one of those to be forgotten.