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    Thanks for attending our Fall 2017 UNYTUG session!

    Jeff Meteyer


      Thanks to those who were able to make it to our User Group session! We had some great speakers, including Brian Seeley from Tableau showing off new features in 10.5, and for Mike Salisbury for presenting Dashboard techniques and considerations. We had discussions on next agenda planning, including bringing back an Iron Viz mini competition, having focus group work and discussions, sharing tips and tricks, and some expected hands-on with Tableau 10.5 by then. Remember to reach out to your interested parties about the User Group; we had 47 people attend this session, compared to the 82 previously, so we want to continue to evangelize the power of Tableau! If people are interested in hosting, please reach out to Jeff Meteyer @ jeff.meteyer@rochester.edu for scheduling; our next session is anticipated for late February.

      Enjoy the holidays!



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          Thomas Exter

          Hi Jeff and group members,


          Thanks for hosting the TUG meeting, my first. I enjoyed participating (tho I didn't say anything!) and especially the presentations. Some time ago I acquired the hard copies of Tufte's books and always enjoy relishing his insights. I've never been to a TC but have followed the videos for several years. I've been a fairly long-time Tableau desktop user and followed the growth of the company as well as taken advantage of the enhancements with each software update. I'm basically a demographer and have struggled with the mapping functionality knowing that it would eventually become easier. Well, with 10.5, I think I agree with you that it feels like the holy grail, especially with the connect to spatial file functionality improvements. In any case, I look forward to participating with the group and would make one suggestion, and that is perhaps have folks do a quick "who I am and why am I here" type go around just to do a bit more group-building, etc. By the way, if anyone has challenges with the mapping stuff, I'd be happy to see if I can offer some help -- not to promote by business or anything but just to help out.


          So, thanks again, and I look forward to the next meeting,


          Tom Exter

          TGE Demographics