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    Tabjolt: failed to open Jmeter UI using jmeter.bat file

    jiao li



      I'm struggling with customizing test plans using TabJolt but can't open Jmeter UI using jmeter.bat file.

      And I feel the reason why I can't open it is environment variables in that file aren't set probably.

      Hope anyone can help me out!!


      In details, I followed "Customizing Workload Mix" in P17 of the following Tabjolt Installation Guide

      But failed in step 3 "open JMeter UI, type in bin\jmeter.bat" (though I can open Jmeter UI by clicking bin\ApacheJMeter.jar).


      Howerver I still want to open Jmeter UI using bin\jmeter.bat because I found there are some environment variables in that

      bat file and those environment variables will influence Jmeter performance when doing load tests.


      So I looked into jmeter.bat file and found environment variables are off...and I don't know how to set them to fit my computer.



      Does anyone how to figure this out?