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    SKU Sales Rate


      Hi all. I have a large unstructured dataset of products that is updated daily. Each product has an unique ID and I want to track how long the product is in the dataset and/or when it exits. Any thoughts are appreciated.  


      Norbert has helped solve the initial problem, now I am intrigued by the best way to present this data.  The question we are trying to answer is, "Is the sales velocity of the overall group speeding up or slowing down?"  "What are the fastest moving SKUs?"  "What are the slowest moving SKUs?" "What are the total sales over a set period of time?"  "How does manufacturer A's sales and velocity compare to manufacturer B's?"


      Sample workbook attached.

      Using Tableau 10.3.3

      Screenshot below filtered to show SKUs sold with their length of listing, date they last showed up in the dataset, and date they were last seen.  (Thanks to Norbert)


      Max Date; max([Links Product Date])

      Min Date;min([Links Product Date])

      Length of listing; DATEDIFF('day',[Min Date],[Max Date])

      Sold?; IF [Max Date] >= TODAY()-7 THEN 0 ELSE 1 END  "Wanted to build in flexibility in case a SKU disappeared from the data and reappeared a few days later due to human error"




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