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    Protocols consume 64 GB

    Michael Leeming



      I have Tableau running for 6 months now. The main workbook is one on Tableau Online with daily extract refreshs (always whole extract instead of incremental). There are about 100.000 new records each day. Now it is a total of about 10.000.000 records.


      The problem is that on the virtual machine where my Tableau Desktop is running the hard drive (126 GB) is filled up, most of it (64.3 GB) are Files in C:\Users\ML\Documents\Eigenes Tableau-Repository\Protokolle. Does anybody know if I can simply delete these protocols? Is it something like log files? The files are


      .dmp (63.5 GB, e.g. TabOnlineSyncClient-error_13716_17-1004-093703.dmp)

      .manifest (313 KB, e.g. TabOnlineSyncSvc-error_14688_17-1016-110311.manifest)

      .marker (17 B, e.g. tableau-error.marker)

      text files (688 MB, e.g. TabOnlineSyncSvc-error_10220_17-1113-121121)

      one folder "TabOnlineSyncClient" with text files (92.7 MB)


      Thank you



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          Carisa Chang

          Hi Michael.


          .dmp files are crash files that indicate something is causing your local client to crash. These can be deleted safely, but if you are seeing them build up, I suggest opening a Support case with Tableau so we can take a look at the crash files to help determine why this is happening.