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    Data Driven Alerts with Multiple Published Data Sources

    Amit Narkar

      Can we create Monthly Data Alert?


      For a single data source I would have opted for

      Extract Refresh - monthly

      Alert Frequency - As frequently as possible


      But I have 2 data source

      1. Data Source 1- extract refresh - monthly -- created a view 1 and trigger view 1(latest date)

      2. Data Source 2- extract refresh - weekly --created a view 2 and trigger view 2(latest date)


      In my view if I set both  alert frequencies to as frequently as possible, it triggers both alerts.

      i.e. trigger view 2 has met condition with new data from Data Source 2  and trigger view 1 has met condition with old data thought extract for Data Source 1 is not refreshed yet.


      As per Tableau Documentation

      Note: For live data sources, alerts are checked every 60 minutes for Tableau Online, or on a frequency set by administrators for Tableau Server. Extracts are checked each time they're refreshed.


      This is causing redundant alerts for Data Source which is yet to be refreshed but has met trigger condition in trigger view for past data.


      How do I avoid redundant alerts?


      My thought process

      1. Data Source 1- extract refresh - monthly -- trigger view 1 -- alert frequency -- monthly ( is this option available, I could not find or set it to as frequently as possible)

      2. Data Source 2- extract refresh - weekly  -- trigger view 2 -- alert frequency -- weekly


      This seems to work as trigger view 2 wont send any alert till next week. However once new data comes next week in Data Source 2 will this trigger trigger view 1 as well sending notification.


      Or is there any way to have monthly alert frequency?

      Or Do I need to create separate workbooks for each Data source?


      I am confused at this moment. I  really appreciate any assistance on this regards.