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    How to show more Treemap labels?

    doug funny

      I'm working with a treemap that has a large number of squares (~300). I want the label names to be on the squares, because my final output is an image. Right now, only ~30 labels are on the squares.


      I know it's because Tableau will only fit the name if the square is big enough. But how can I override this? I would be fine with losing the labels for say, 30% of the squares... but losing 90% is too much.


      Resizing the whole window makes everything bigger, and adds a few more names... but not many. I even tried plugging it into a high-resolution monitor — this also helped, but still didn't get too much.


      I made the font as small as possible (8pt). Is there a way to maybe make the font scale down with the size of the box?


      Thanks ahead of time for your input!