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    Change "Group by" data source

    Martin Dale



      I created a group containing ~20 groups and I'd like to copy this between one workbook and another and use this same grouping criteria on similar data but the data has a different name and I get an error message -


      • Bin '[X Values Banded NTF (copy)]' depends on non-existent field '[X Values]', ignoring bin.


      The project I'm copying to has the data field called '[X_vals]' rather than [X Values]'.  Other than duplicating and renaming the data in the second project can I force the groups to look to a different field?



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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde



          If this is a frequent issue (different data sources but the same grouping), could you build a second data source with two fields - the dimension and the group name and then use a Join on the data source?  Or Data Blending? 


          There is not a way to copy the groups between the data sources directly but using another data source to build the groupings and sharing that across your views and data sources should work.


          I hope that helps.