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    Dynamically pass Current month to dashboard using Javascripts

    youthesh sagar


      My dashboard has Month and Year Parameter.


      As Month and Year Parameter are static and doesn't change .Hence i need to manually change the Month  values on tableau server every month.



      After doing some research online i came to know that parameters can be passed dynamically using Java Scripts


      I need to pass the Current/Latest Month and Year to my dashboard every time the dashboard loads.

      (i.e, Current Date in 11-01-2017 then Month=Nov and Year=2017)


      I have create a sample workbook with Month and Year parameter and have also attached HTML code.


      Tableau Public


      The HTML code needs lot of corrections as i am not familiar with HTML Coding.But the code filters the data using


      <param name='filter' value='Month=Sep' />


      The Month value is static and wont change dynamically.



      Kindly request you to help me by modifying the HTML code and pass the latest Month and Year to dashboard.


      Thank You