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    Creating a bar chart using icons (people)

    Greg Useem

      I have been trying to follow the instructions laid-out here:  Using Custom Shapes and Polygons to draw anything from Directed Graphs to Infographics in Tableau | Bora Beran .  My issue though, is after I have followed all of the instructions, my icons all end up on the maximum value I establish in the index formula. So, in the fake formula I have below all of my icons end up at 1,000 on the X axis with no icons between 0-1,000.  Furthermore, an icon will appear at 1,000 even if it should appear at 0-500 and no higher.  Thoughts?



      IF [index]-1 <= INT(WINDOW_SUM(SUM([2017 Rounded]))/1000) THEN




      I attached a workbook too.


      Thanks, Greg