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    Fundamentals Classroom Training - Any Interest?

    Paul Majnik

      Hi all,


      This is Paul Majnik at the University of Utah. I have a couple fairly new employees on my staff that I'd like to enroll in the Fundamentals classroom training (and perhaps the Intermediate as well), and it's been presented by Tableau that we can get a price break ($850/person) if we get twelve people to participate. If I can drum up interest for twelve people I'm willing to host; if I cannot I'll just enroll my staff in virtual training. Any interest?


      Best regards,



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          Sam McKnight

          We have been asking around here at BYU but so far have not found anyone wanting to do Fundamentals right now. If I hear anything in the next few days I will let you and Matt know.


          If you end up doing the virtual training, I'd love to hear what you think about the experience. We've done both in-person training and watched the short online videos. But we haven't done virtual. I'd like to get some feedback on it.

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            Paul Majnik

            Thanks, Sam! If you get a surge of interest in the next week or so let me know.


            I'd be happy to share our experience with the virtual training (assuming we go that route). I too have sent multiple staff members to in-person training and had a good experience with that. Unfortunately, the timing didn't work out this time to catch the most recent local classroom training.