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    Is there a way?

    Abhinav Srivastava



      Please refer to the below image,


      Beside Organic there is a bar named Partners which is very small in comparison to the others, Is there a way that the scales can be managed so all bars are visible and clickable.



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          Sasha Hanna

          Hi Abhinav,

          Have you tried toggling between worksheet sizes? Try Fit Width/EntireView.

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            Amit Narkar

            how about switching to horizontal bar chart with logarithmic scale if that option is feasible for you.

            or switching to highlight table but you lose the scale

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              Michael Hesser

              Hi Abhinav--

              You'll need to ask what is most important: to represent the categories, or to visually represent their proportions. If Partners is quite small (like 1k vs. your 9M or 1M), it could be difficult to represent it proportionally


              I think Amit Narkar's suggestion of using a logarithmic scale might be best, especially if Partners is quite small.

              Remember you'll want to sort the elements in ascending order so your smaller ones come first, otherwise something could get lost in the shuffle   Remember that a log scale won't proportionally represent the figures.


              A non-stacked horizontal bar chart might also work (use Reference Lines to display your value). I know this doesn't match your picture spec, but it could be an option to pursue.


              Good luck to you!

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                Rakesh Cherukuri

                If you use logarithmic scale then you have to keep the lowest in first as shown below



                Or u can use the a bubble chart where all the circles can be seen.