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    Losing Percentage value while using { field_name } .

    sumit shukla

      Hideaki Horikawa,


      I am using below formula to calculate Today's Performance.

      IFF([Period] = Today()-1, { [AE Performance]} ,NULL).


      In this formula AE Performance field calculating and giving result in percentage but if i am not using { } braces then i am getting error "Cannot mix aggregated and non aggregated argument to function" .

      To resolve this i have added { } as above now i am getting result from this formula into thousand of number but i want the percentage value which is already calculated in AE Performance field.

      Can someone help me on this.i cannot share the sheet due to security issue.Joan DalpeVincent BaumelBarry PlumAmy SchneiderErin EasterElissa FinkMarc RueterChristian ChabotRicky CoppolaSandy Wu

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          Branden Kornell

          You probably don't want to use curly brackets. Those are for a Level-of-Detail expression, which is a special kind of calculation.


          This error message in Tableau ("Cannot mix aggregated and non aggregated argument to function") is common. It basically means, "Part of what you're doing is on the individual row level, but another part calculates across multiple rows (for example, with SUM). You have to pick one or the other."


          I'm guessing that [Period] is from row-level records, but [AE Performance] is an aggregation (SUM, AVG, etc.).


          What's the formula for [AE Performance]?