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    Embed Tableau into a SaaS offering

    Konstantin Vlasenko

      Hi everyone,


      This might be not a good place to ask. Or maybe this question were asked already? Will appreciate any inputs or redirection to the right location.


      Use case:

      We are delivering a SaaS to our external customers. As part of this offering we want to provide some visualizations (to our external customers) on top of the data we are collecting.

      Number of external customers is variable and changing constantly.

      • How Tableau will track the usage of Tableau Online or Tableau Server in our case?


      Thank you!

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          Carisa Chang

          Hi Konstantin,


          Each of your external users will need their own Tableau Online or Tableau Server account, which would be used to authenticate/authorize them to view embedded Tableau dashboards. If you have a Tableau Server Core license, and turn on the Guest User feature, they could access the views as Guests.


          Here is some documentation on embedding Tableau Server dashboards:

          Embed Views and Dashboards


          And on the Guest user:

          Guest User


          The Guest user is only available with Tableau Server Core licenses, it is not available for Tableau Online or Tableau Server User licenses.