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    Create statistic filter

    Debasish PaiMazumder

      Hi Tableau users,


      I am plotting spatial map of field over time. I would like to create a filter to estimate the available statistics (avg/max/min/med/percentile etc) over time. So that when I choose max/min/avg from the filter, it will generate corresponding plot. Is there any easiest way to do that?


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          Dominique Trincat



          If i understand correctly your need, you'll have to create a parameter and not a filter.


          Set a parameter of type string with the list of statistics you want.

          Then create a calculation that will return based on the parameter the appropriate statistic.

          Something like:


          CASE [ParamStatistic]

          WHEN "Min" THEN MIN([YourMeasure])

          WHEN "Max" THEN MAX([YourMeasure])

          ... (and so on)