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    Mismatch between Grand Total Value and Total of Running Sum

    Agnivesh Das

      Hi All,


      I have just been facing an issue with a mismatch between the values of the Grand Total(when Table Calc is not applied) and Grand Total(when Running Sum Table Calc is applied). I have been researching for some time to get a better understanding as to the cause of this issue but have not come up with any satisfactory results. The Grand total value in both the cases should be identical and there should not be any discrepancy in it.


      I have attached the screenshots below for the worksheet in both the cases, and would really appreciate any insights into this issue from the wider Tableau  community.





      Without Table Calc then Grand Total comes upto : 124,150,259(Which is correct)


      With Table Calc(Running Sum) the Grand total comes upto: 124,122,628( which is incorrect)