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    What is tableau capable of? Can a management consultancy work with it?

    Marlon Stoll

      Hello everybody, I am new here and work for a management consultancy. I would like to create different dashboards for many small companies that are my clients to improve their e-commerce performance.


      Here are a few questions on my part:

      1. If I have a tableau license is it possible to manage many different dashboards for every single client that I advise? I would like to give them an overview of several KPI's from different data sources such as Facebook, Google Analytics, Adwords, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and so on.


      2. I mentioned a few data sources, can their API's all implemented in my dashboards?


      3. How can I send the reports to them? Maybe as .ppx files or is there a better way to give them the needed information?


      Thank you in advance!