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    Floating issue in the Tableau Server


      Hi team,

      we have make a workbook through tableau desktop and in this workbook, we have used floating

      when we upload the tableau workbook in the tableau server, we see that the floating is not working.

      we are passing the different value instead of 2 then the floating is to work here and error message will display.

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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello ADITYA PRAKASH,

          This post was originally in the Viz Talk area of the community forums where users share their work.  Users do not typically ask questions or look for questions to answer in this location.  I have moved your post to Server Administration where Tableau Server and Online Administrators congregate to assist each other. 


          Please share the Tableau Desktop and Server version in use with this post as well.


          In addition, have you opened a support case with Tableau?  https://support.tableau.com 





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            Donna Coles

            Hi Aditya


            If I understand you right, your issue is the message displayed in green isn't showing in server when you access the dashboard directly using the param in the URL.  If so, can you check whether if you edit the dashboard on the server and go to the sheet that should be displaying the message, does the message show - ie is the issue due to the sheet not working at all, or the floating view not showing when viewed on the dashboard.


            As Patrick says, having your workbook would be useful to help diagnose.  I don't know how you've implemented this check, but typically if there is no data to match a filter, I usually don't get any results displayed, so am intrigued what you're doing to get that to show in desktop, and also how in desktop you're testing the same behaviour to 'pass' the USER_SYS_ID = 3 through..



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