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    Published SharePoint List data source set to LIVE on Tableau Server

    Buddy Bains



      I have created a SharePoint List data source and published to our Tableau server. Both Desktop and Server are version 10.4. On the Desktop, the data source works fine (data refreshes). After publishing to the 10.4 server, however, it doesn't (get a can't connect error). I've tested this scenario using both Integrated authentication and username/password. Again, both methods work on the Desktop. One thing I noticed is that on the Desktop the connection is set to Extract, which is correct for SharePoint Lists, but on the Server, it is set to Live, and I can't change it.


      UPDATE: SharePoint is On Premise. Tableau Server is on AWS.


      UPDATE 2: I created a new SharePoint List data source and have been able to get it to publish as an Extract. However, it fails to refresh. Testing the connection on the server, it says its unable to connect to the data. My original data source still publishes as a Live connection. There's no option to set it as an extract like there was when I published my "new" data source.


      I'm brand new to Tableau. Google hasn't been much help. Does anyone know how to fix this?