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    Noob Question - SQL Connected - Professional Tableau dashboard pushed out Tableau Readers

    Robert Bolejszo



      If I'm developing dashboards in Tableau professional with a SQL Database connection. When i share these reports with users that have Tableau reader then is it true that every time they open up the tool the data will refresh to the most up to date data within that SQL database.


      Is this correct?



      Robert Bolejszo

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          Michael Hesser

          Hi  Robert Bolejszo   -- this isn't a noob question at all. It sounds like you're sharing these reports via .twbxs-- is that right? If so, I regret things do not look as rosy as you might want: twbxs utilize Tableau extracts, which are highly structured snapshots of data taken at the time of creation. Unfortunately, the extract remains a snapshot, and because Reader does not have refresh ability, to get the latest & greatest you need to refresh and republish using Desktop or Server.


          In order to get the latest up-to-date info, you probably need to be utilizing Tableau Server with either a LIVE connection to the SQL Server (this can cause problems), or one that refreshes upon opening. I don't have much experience with Tableau Server, but I think the refresh-on-open is a feature you can only find there. Server also allows the use of TABCMD, which can allow you to schedule your refreshes.


          There are a lot of people smarter than me here-- I recommend searching the forum for similar questions-- I'm sure you'll find this has been asked before!


          EDIT: I found this: Re: Can Tableau Reader refresh ODBC data?

          Short answer is as I feared: NO, Reader cannot be user to refresh data, only as a one-off for viewing the extracts (snapshots).