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    Parameter Qn

    kamalakshi parshuram

      Hi Friends,


      Need your assistance in this below tableau thing,


      Here I have created two sheets for spend. Have created parameter in sheet 1 which is gives me GBE, COMMODITY, REGION options and it working fine, but same parameter I want to apply for sheet 2 also and sheet2 numbers has to change by “SPS Strategy Supplier” dimension according to the parameter1. This I am unable to get.


      Have attached tableau packaged workbook, which is having one dashboard and if I filter parameter1, both graphs should get change with their dimensions.


      Thanks, In Advance.


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          Brent Mathison

          Hi Kamalakshi. Please check your formula for [Field-SPS]...it returns the same value no matter what parameter value you select:


          CASE [Parameter 1]

          WHEN "GBE" THEN [SPS Supplier Strategy]

          WHEN "Commodity" THEN [SPS Supplier Strategy]

          WHEN "Region" THEN [SPS Supplier Strategy]



          This formula always returns "SPS Supplier Strategy", so your view will not change.


          If you compare this with your formula for [Field-GBE, Comm. Rgn], you will see the difference:


          CASE [Parameter 1]

          WHEN "GBE" THEN [GBE]

          WHEN "Commodity" THEN [Commodity]

          WHEN "Region" THEN [Region]