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    New to Tableau and I need to create an admissions dashboard

    Karen Batykefer

      Good afternoon.  I am new to Tableau and I need to create a admissions dashboards to track student applications, admissions & deposits. Has anyone done this and can give me pointers on the best way to tackle this and update the information as I go without totally reworking the data each time I get a new file.


      Thank you,


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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Karen -

          It good that you are asking this question before you make the viz

          I'm not an educator but I see a lot of questions that come up about tracking admissions, projects or other programs that have events, dates and status ratings.

          Most of the questions arise from the way the input data is structured - the common approach is to track the program using a table like and excel sheet :



          and that creates problems with the analysis of the data and updating because each "column" is a separate dimension/measure - e.g there is no relation between the admission dates and application dates - your viz ends up looking like this



          Where each Blue Pill on the rows shelf is an discrete value -


          To update the data you need make the change to the individual value and reload / replace the entire sheet


          A better way to structure your data is to recognize for each aplicant you have 3 separate types of data - ID's that are unique to the applicant, followed by the PHASE that the applicant is in in the process a DATE and a STATUS/Value





          Which can result in a viz like this




          Additionally to update this data you would create an update file with the same columns which would ave the new data



          And Union them into your existing data set



          Just some thoughts




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