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    Formula Evaluate

    Abdul Rahman

      Hi Tableaurs,


      Is there any way in Tableau, to see how formula been calculating in background. Eg : In Excel, How we evaluate formula to see step by step execution how formulas calculated .




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          Galen Busch

          Hi Abdul,


          Through the performance recording feature you can see what Tableau is crunching and the associated resource costs.


          In terms of an execution strategy, the only thing available is the Tableau order of operations.

          Is there a specific calculation you're struggling with?

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            Abdul Rahman

            Hi Galen,


            Thanks for quick response.


            I'm in Tableau learner and want to learn how formula will be calculated and what they return (IN-OUT) like for nested formulas and all.. So, Its becoming very difficulty to understand formula execution.


            Eg : { FIXED [A],[B],[C]:SUM({EXCLUDE [Date]:SUM(IF MONTH([Date])=6 THEN [Measure-1] ELSE 0 END)})}


            Not only above formula its just example . I want to how such formula will execute step by step what they return to other function blah blah.


            In simple term. If see Excel we can see formula execution by going Formula --> Evaluate Formula .. Same thing I'm looking in Tableau.